Taking the Pulse of the 4G Mobile Internet Movement


It’s hard to ignore the notices of the next generation of wireless internet. Whether or not you’ve been pleased with your 3G coverage, the idea that the speed and service could be upgraded to a fourth generation network is undoubtedly intriguing. While the foundation for 4G service has been going down for several years, the finished product is now available in a number of cities around the country. Like most people, you’re probably wondering exactly what the difference is when operating on a fourth generation network. If so, it’s a good time to take the pulse of this new wave of technology. Here are five key points about 4G wireless services.

1. The speed increase is for real. Thankfully, you can’t propose a new level of internet without proving you can deliver a superior product. The speeds of the fourth generation networks are outperforming 3G speeds at a rate of 3 to 1 sometimes. That means you can accommodate video and other high data transfers when you would have seen choppiness (or still screens) before. As time goes by, the speeds will become even more consistent.

2. Watch the mortality rate of dead zones rise. The idea behind the 4G networks was to get entire areas to become one big hot spot for the internet. In other words, you’ll see the previously notorious “dead zones” seeing the end of their existence with the next generation of wireless service. The opportunities opened up for every user are substantial. Though the communal environment of a café can be appealing at times, sometimes you need complete quiet to get work done. This service will give you the option to roam.

3. It can work at home or on the go. If to have started to become dissatisfied with your broadband service at home – if your wireless broadband is still experiencing trouble in this day and age – you can access the fourth generation network while creating a hot spot for everyone around the house. It might simplify your bills as well. Be aware of data limits if they are imposed by your provider.

4. The price won’t intimidate anyone. While most new users expect to pay a high premium for 4G coverage, you’ll be surprised when learning about the prices. In general, they are right around the standard for lesser internet services. When you consider what type of speed you’ll be able to utilize, the decision should not be too difficult to make. While early 3G coverage was rather pricey, this service has started out more reasonable.

5. Forget about complicated setup procedures. If you are expecting a complicated setup procedure and don’t want to interrupt your busy schedule to access the new wave of wireless service, forget your worries. The installation is not complicated whatsoever – even with home lines – and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.


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