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smartphones games

In the smartphone market, there are many models to choose from at many prices. To buy a smartphone is a matter that must be considered hard enough because having to find both the strengths – weaknesses, specifications and cost- to get the smartphone that meets the needs at a reasonable price. One of the smartphone groups that users are always looking for Is a smartphone suitable for playing games. But many people may still not know Or not sure if buying a smartphone to play a game that will have to consider what features Today, we would like to introduce some tips for choosing a smartphone to play games in 2020 to help everyone adopt a smartphone without having to regret it later.

First of all, I would like us to set a budget for buying a new smartphone first because it will help us choose a lot easier. We don’t need to choose expensive models Because smartphones priced at 8,000 – 9,000 baht Today can play games smoothly now. Even if it is a popular game like PUBG Mobile, RoV, or Free Fire, it is easier to play because these games do not consume many specs.

smartphone games

But if we are serious about graphics Must always be adjusted And have to slip at 60+ fps, may have to increase the budget to tens of thousands or more to buy a top mid-level smartphone Or the flagship level Which we can observe the strength of the smartphone at a glance From the chipset used as follows.

smartphone games

Recommended chipsets for gaming (2020)

Flagship level

Snapdragon 865
Snapdragon 855+
Snapdragon 855
Exynos 990
Exynos 980
Exynos 9820
Exynos 9810
Kirin 985
Kirin 990/990 5G
Intermediate – Upper middle

Snapdragon 765G
Snapdragon 730G
Snapdragon 720G
Snapdragon 690
Snapdragon 675
MediaTek Helio G90
MediaTek Helio G90T
MediaTek Helio G85
MediaTek Helio G80
Exynos 9820
Exynos 9810
Kirin 810
Kirin 820

What are the flagship phones and mobile gaming options?

smartphone games

If we have a budget of 20,000 – 30,000 baht or more, we will be able to buy flagship-level smartphones. Or a smartphone specifically for playing games If looking at the specification only, We can see that both models use the top model chipset. And the specs are equally high, causing many to wonder how they are different And which type of purchase should be chosen.

If wanting to play games primarily, not focusing on the camera, not concentrate on working, the gaming smartphone is better. It has many unique features that support gaming in particular, such as the ROG Phone that has 2-way charging ports, allowing it to be played horizontally without wires, better cooling, additional features for watching FPS. And real-time heat, support game casting features, And supporting accessories such as Joy, etc. As for other areas Is still at a good level because the device already has strong specs, But photography may not be very good, And there are a few other additional features

smartphone games

For design and some features may not be as conducive to gaming as smartphones such as thin bezels, difficult hands-on, hand shielded speakers when held horizontally, fast heat up, supporting gaming accessories Few, for example, but can be exchanged with a camera that can take more beautiful pictures And other work More convenient


There shouldn’t be less than 4GB of RAM for a gaming smartphone, or if possible, should have 6GB, but not as much as 12GB.

smartphone games

The internal memory or ROM should be at least 128GB and should be chosen as UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0, or UFS 3.1 because of the speed of reading – writing data. Resulting in faster game loading, It is not a good idea to choose an eMMC memory model because it is a technology that is somewhat older and slower than UFS. However, these data are technical data. Store employees may not know. And may not be mentioned in the specification sheet, So we have to work hard to find a little information. Or may use some applications to check

The display screen is an essential part of playing mobile games. Initially, choose a screen that is larger than 6.5 inches, because the bigger the screen, The more we see And does not feel uncomfortable when playing After that, consider the type of screen If possible, should choose OLED screen or Super AMOLED screen because the screen has the highest display quality now. Or IPS screen, because actually, our eyes are difficult to distinguish between the two types of screen

The 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate helps smooth animation on the screen. (Read more about the refresh rate here), further enhancing the gaming experience. But it’s not a necessary feature Because games that can sync with the screen refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz must also support 90fps or 120fps, which is not every game that can be done. Most will only be at 60fps, which is at a level that can be played without interruption.

Don’t overlook touch.

smartphone games

An important point that many people overlook when choosing a smartphone to play games is to touch the screen. Because some smartphones, despite the high specification and true cheap price But, has a touch distorted Or there is a delay when pressing Found like this, even if running the game well, no matter how hot Therefore should try playing the real machine in the store first Or read reviews from many That was before the decision

Sound system

Gaming smartphones such as the ROG Phone or Red Magic will come with very loudspeakers. It helps to enhance the experience of playing the game very well But not really necessary Because if playing the game Suggests that wearing headphones is better Because good headphones There will be a dimension of realistic sound. It allows us to specify the direction of the sound Very useful for playing FPS games such as PUBG Mobile or CoD Mobile because we can listen to the enemy’s footsteps. And know the position first Which will give us a lot of advantages

What if you want an iPhone to play games?

smartphone games

If you decide you want an iPhone and want to play games smoothly, then you don’t have to think about it anymore, because the iPhone uses Apple’s own processor and GPU chips, not using Snapdragon or other brands. A lot like Android and Apple’s A Series chipset is at the top level. When combined with the iOS operating system designed to work perfectly with the chipset, Even more, effective Therefore can play all games smoothly. Of course, just choosing a version that is not too old is enough. Recommend to be the new model which is released recently. Or older, not more than 1 model. The Max model with a bigger screen is better, but not much to recommend iPhone SE or iPhone XR because the screen is quite small.

However, I must say that the iPhone does not currently have additional features for playing certain games, such as high refresh rates. And the acceleration feature while playing Or block notifications Which must try to weigh together.

Is the HUAWEI Smartphone a good game to play?

smartphone games

Newer HUAWEI smartphones are unable to use Google Mobile Services, so they don’t have the Play Store, and on the App Gallery, there are good games. , it is necessary to install games from APK files or from other stores, such as QooApp, so it might be a little tricky to find games to play. But another problem that many people still do not know. We are unable to log in to the game with a Google Account. This means that if we have an old ID associated with a Google Account, we can’t use this ID to play on our HUAWEI smartphone.

For the latest HUAWEI smartphones that still use Google Mobile Services and suitable for gaming, there are three prominent models: the HUAWEI nova 5T, P20 series and Mate20 series (actually the HUAWEI P30 Pro New Edition, but also Not coming to sell in Thailand)

And all of these are recommendations from the team Thaimobilecenter In the purchase of a smartphone for playing rough games, Which is hoped to help everyone choose a smartphone to play the game that meets their budget And does not regret later.


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