Samsung or Iphone?


Samsung or iPhone – which is the better Smartphone?

Communication has come a long way, and as phones become smarter and more human in tune, choosing between the two biggest rival smartphone companies can be more than just looks and feel.

The iPhone and Samsung are no new names in the communication space; in fact, these two phone giants are always at each other’s throat in ensuring that their phones are the best in the market.

So, are you an iPhone or Samsung fan?

In this article we will sometimes refer to the Samsung as Android, so please don’t get it twisted; it is because Samsung employs the Android Operating System in all their gadgets. However, Samsung launched the new Samsung Galaxy A90 5G that uses the Tizen Operating System.

Now, that we have that out of the way; let’s take a surgical look as what these smartphones are made of, and why you should choose one, or the other.

Choosing the right Smartphone for you

When shopping for a smartphone, your final choice depends on a lot of factors. Are you a heavy or light phone user? Is your phone used for watching movies, playing high graphics contents or just the regular social media and browsing only?

Does the size matter and how much downloading do you do? Is the camera, clarity, and ease of use a prerequisite? What hardware and software are you looking for, the operating system, but most importantly, how much are you willing to spend on a smartphone?

Phew, that list was long. Catching my breath, okay, let’s continue.

The factors are many, but when it comes to picking between a Samsung and the iPhone, here are some things you probably should know about.

Although it is not as simple as you think, Samsung and iPhone are two great phones; we have to give it to them. Their phone has some serious deep technological thought invested in their products.

Shall we?


The phone size is the number one criteria when opting for a smartphone. Over the years, the display size has continued to go up. However, between the Samsung and the iPhone, Samsung clearly knocks the iPhone out of the park in terms of size.

Furthermore, the larger the display sizes, the higher the phone resolution, which is a good thing for Samsung lovers.

Below are comparisons between the two brands

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G – 6.7-inch screen size, 1080 by 2400 Resolution

Samsung A50s – 6.4-inch screen size, 1080 by 2340 resolution

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ – 6.8-inch screen size, 1440 by 3040 Resolution

iPhone XS Max – 6.5-inch screen size, 1242 by 2688 resolution

iPhone XR – 6.1-inch screen size, 1792 by 828

iPhone X – 5.8-inch screen size, 1125 by 2436 resolution

From the above, it is clear that Samsung has larger screen size options and higher resolution than the iPhone. The advantage of portability against convenience comes to mind when making a choice about the size.

Well, larger screens are better as movies and games look better on them. Furthermore, the large screen on Samsung makes it easier to multitask or open multiple windows on the home screen and still have just the right space for other stuff.

Samsung Note 10+ and iPhone XR although similar in weight, has more features that customers will like, but certainly lacks on portability.

If view and display are a choice for you, then Samsung takes this one easily, for compact and portability, the iPhone is okay.

The Camera

With personal photography becoming the norm, a phone without good camera features for even the most basic shots is well, not worthy of the pay.

Samsung and Apple, fortunately, for consumers have two of the best cameras with excellent photo quality that will literary blow your mind.

With that said, it doesn’t go without saying that they both have strength and lapses with their camera.

Samsung phone is known for its two camera system – a wide-angle lens and a long-range lens. Apple, on the other hand, has a camera with unequivocal dynamic range and detailing of the scene captured.

The dynamic range camera feature in Apple allows pictures to be shown as they really look like, that is iPhone camera is great at mimicking and producing the exact look-alike of the projected image.

Samsung, on the other hand, offers more clarity with the finished photo looking like something that has been photo edited (while some people like it, some feel it is taking clarity too far).

When comparing the iPhone XS one will notice that the photos aren’t as bright as would be on a Samsung Note 10 + that produces pictures with impeccable quality.

It is worth noting that Apple has improved on this lapse and the iPhone XS has more clarity and a better sensor than the iPhone X.

Overall, both Samsung and iPhone have good camera quality and are doing more to improve the quality of future phones. For us, both phones are okay and will deliver excellent images any day and time.

Hardware & Software

Whether you like simple and high-quality (iPhone) or variety and lots of choices (as in Samsung), these phone brands will offer you the best hardware and software you can only imagine.

Talking about hardware, both Samsung and iPhone have top-notch hardware, while Apple products look more luxurious, polished and expensive (which they are), Samsung offers durability, sturdiness, and style options to consumers.

Although high-quality Samsung phones can stand equal to the complexity that the iPhone brings to the table, both phones offer superior hardware that is built to last.

Furthermore, Samsung using the Android software give users a larger platform to be able to do more with their phones, unlike iPhone that is run and managed by the Apple software that is kinds of restricted in certain application and functioning of their phone.

So as stated above, whether you want simplicity and polished or freedom of choice, you will get all your desire with the model and brand of your choice.

Processing Speed

There is no denying that the iPhone processes information faster than any Samsung phone. Although Samsung has begun employing the Tizen operating system on their phone, we hope it will improve the processing speed.

With the world in the palm of your hands, connectivity is a priority when choosing a phone, while most people don’t seem to bother; it is a criterion if you are always online or manage a business online.

Other activities like browsing, watching a movie, downloading games (regardless of the size and graphic content), or working from Words, consumers expect their phone to be a touch-and-go thing.

Apple iPhone is no doubt faster than the Samsung as its phone features a six-core CPU design with 2 performance cores, iPhone is now 25 percent faster than most Samsung phone.

When compared with the Samsung Note 10 +, it uses the Exynos 9825 processor which is as fast as the iPhone X, but definitely won’t compare to new Apple products on the market.

Apple might have won this round, but the Samsung phones aren’t far behind either.

Gaming Capabilities

Everyone plays one game or another on their smartphone or how else will you describe the millions of mobile games that are churned out each year. To be able to handle the graphic complexity, processing speed, and fluidity in play, you need a pretty damn good phone.

Samsung and iPhone are two create choices, but the iPhone and the introduction of the iPod Touch have given mobile game lovers a new platform to play the game of their choice without wasting money purchasing a Nintendo or Playstation.

When it comes to playing games on your smartphone, no phone can top the iPhone for now. The seamless and tight integration of their hardware and software has made Apple the most powerful gaming technology platform for superior speed and gaming experience like no other.

Although Samsung is not that bad, the fact that Android games are mostly free has made game developer opt for iPhone.

Overall when it comes to gaming advantage, iPhone will give Samsung a run for their money any day.

Operating System Upgrade

Apple iPhone update and system upgrades are fast and keep you in touch with the latest on its platform.

While Samsung used to be the slow one that took ages to upgrade, the company has actually put in place faster upgrading in all their new phones, though it still doesn’t compare with the iPhone.

If you want consistency with your software, basic updates, and security system, then we are sorry; but the iPhone takes this one without question.

Charging Speed and Battery Life

For smartphone owners, the battery is the biggest worry, and even though this feature is different from their hardware, Samsung takes this because it charges fast and lasts longer.

A Samsung with a bigger battery will still charge faster than an iPhone with a smaller battery and still outlast the iPhone in battery usage.

Other features that both phones possess are they both display battery usage, but Samsung shows how much battery life is remaining.

They both have excellent power saving mode but Samsung phone charges faster and lasts longer, Simple!

Customizing your Phone

This is one reason why Android (Samsung) is a fast selling mobile smartphone on the market.

You want to make the phone feel like you, hence the need for customization. Samsung allows users to change their phone screen layout, add shortcuts, widgets, and a whole lot of interface as they please.

Although with the iPhone, users can change their layout, but are restricted in changing other features like widgets and also have less freedom than Samsung user gets with their phones.

So, if you want to add a personal touch to your phone, then without a doubt, Samsung is the phone; and platform for you.

Backup and Cloud Services

Even though iPhone users can use Google photos on their device through iCloud, most people go with the default setting for Android devices.

On most Android devices like Samsung, Google offers 15GB to backup your picture on the cloud while iPhone gets only 5GB with iCloud.

Furthermore, additional storage space for photo backup is cheaper in Android devices than on the iPhone.

Clearly, Samsung has this one in the bag, as most of its devices automatically back up your photos and videos for you.

Storage Capacity

 With the number of apps and things that get into our phone, storage is a priority. If you watch movies, play lots of online games and probably have an active lifestyle that needs capturing, you need a lot of storage space.

Samsung phones offer users amazing storage spaces depending on the phone model and specifications, but that is not all, with a Samsung you have the option of adding a micro SD card or buy one with an in-built SD card in there for you.

The Apple iPhone, however, has a limited storage space that is not expandable at 512GB.


With USB technology everywhere, Samsung provides superior connectivity with most devices with its USB cable.

However, the iPhone uses a lighting port as the connectivity route to other devices, hence very selective with other devices and less compatible.


Password, connecting the dots and pin are outdated methods of securing your phone, even though most Android devices provide it as an option, newer methods are filling the markets.

Samsung has the fingerprint method of security, which is good, but the iPhone uses face recognition technology, which is proving to be a better form of security for most people and safer phone users.

Furthermore, this improved security system on iPhone prevents the form as a target for malware, unlike Samsung, or Android phone.

Screen Quality

Both these phones use high-quality and fabulous OLED screen that produces excellent color and superior resolution that stay sharp, and bright during use.

Resale Value

 All over the world, Samsung phones have less resale value than the iPhone. Due to their quality, and their quick software upgrade, iPhone earns a higher resale value, so if you have an old iPhone, reselling it might be a better option than keeping it at home.

Finally, there are lots of differences between these two brands, some are good, others not so much. However, different strokes for different people, but if the iPhone is too expensive for you; then Samsung will deliver excellence at your fingertips.


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