Samsung antimicrobial coating

Anapa, Russia - July 22, 2019: Woman hand holding iPhone X with IOS 13 and Dark Mode settings. iPhone was created and developed by the Apple inc.

Samsung is preparing to launch an anti-virus phone case. 99.9% Coronavirus special coating is expected to be released with Galaxy Note20 next month

On June 30, Samsung filed a trademark registration. “Antimicrobial Coating” in many European countries is a substance used for coating on new smartphone cases. Has the property that makes viruses, bacteria, and various microbes Cannot be attached to the surface of the case, Including the coronavirus that is currently spreading as well.

This innovation was beneficial in the era of Covid-19. Outbreak Because, in everyday life, We use hands to hold many things. Causing many pathogens Including the coronavirus attached When we go to catch a smartphone, Smartphones will also become a source of germs from our hands. Antimicrobial Coating will reduce the accumulation and prevent the spread of the virus.


Research from the University of Arizona has confirmed that Antimicrobial Coating can protect the surface from a coronavirus for up to 90 days when the surface is coated with the substance. Virus particles are reduced by 90% in 10 minutes and decreased by 99.9% after 2 hours.

Initially, Samsung is expected to launch an anti-virus case along with the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note20 this August. And may begin an anti-virus case for other Galaxy smartphones, followed by later.


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