Mate 30 launch and Tech War Continuation

trade war between USA and China

Technology firms of China have been relying on US firms for software and technological developments since long. Recently, a tech war was started between the two countries which badly affected the Chinese products especially mobile devices. The mobile devices were dependent on US tech firms for software provision. American government denied the provision of software for Chinese mobile device manufacturers. This put a big question mark on Huawei which is now among the highest selling mobile phones globally. Consumers having Huawei phones were worried globally about the future of their products as google was in a mood not to offer any technological support in the form of Android operating system.
This created unrest among the Chinese mobile device firms as their sales were expected to decline if android support was taken back by google. To cope with this situation, Huawei decided to introduce their own operating system so the reliance on android can be minimized. Huawei is considered as one of the companies having the highest number of Research & development employees globally. After working for a couple of month, Huawei has announced that they would launch their own operating system without google software package.
Huawei has launched its Mate series flagship phone “Mate 30” in Munich, Germany on Thursday September 19, 2019. The phone is considered to be the premier category with higher price tag. The phone is launched after few days of iPhone 11 launching. It is being supposed that the phone will compete with iPhone 11 of Apple Inc. and Pixel of Google Inc.
Mate 30 will be operated on a software EMUI 10 which is based on Android 10, but the changes is that it will not offer any google apps unlike other phones manufactured by Huawei. This seems a major drawback as the mate 3 users will not be able to access Play store, mainly, which is a source to get new apps. The phone will have an app package naming “Huawei Mobile Services” developed by Huawei itself. The package would contain a web browser, photo gallery and Huawei’s app store.
Despite the fact that Mate 30 is 5G enabled, the circular camera array, tapered notch and the option to have it in vegan leather. Still Huawei Mate 30 is going to face huge resistance in its sales as the consumers will be unable to access their favorite apps like snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and many more through this phone easily. America has already knocked out Huawei from its market by black listing it. European countries are thinking over the blacklisting or at least putting a cut on the Huawei products. Furthermore, it the google apps are not easily accessible, European distributors will be reluctant to distribute the Mate 30 in their markets as consumers searching for Mate 30 will be quite lesser in numbers.
Huawei is ranked 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer globally after Apple Inc. China is considered the biggest smartphone market in the world and Huawei can get good sales from Chinese market but the question of global sales is at risk. Huawei has launched its own software for its mobile devices named as Harmony but it is reluctant to use this in devices. Moreover, Google Inc. has requested the US government and Trump Administration for getting some exception for provision of software packages to Huawei but there is no positive development in this regard.
Concluding the discussion, it is obvious that this technology war has imposed serious injuries to Chinese mobile device manufacturers and the popularity of Chinese products is at stake. Although, manufacturers are trying to reduce the effects caused due to this technology war, still fretfulness is felt among the manufacturers and customers as well regarding future of Chinese devices.


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