IPhone 11 Misses Five Sought After Features

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Every Year, as soon as I counter an advertisement regarding iPhone launch, I wonder if some famous features are installed being provided in the new Model or not. This time, Apple Inc. has at least added some features which were most awaited since a couple of years. e.g. a broad camera which would allow better result of pictures taken in lower light and night time and most importantly a fast charger which was most awaited by many users to address the problem of low charging of battery.
Several features like plane display and C-Port is not added yet. However, it can be thought that Apple Inc. may not be ready for adding these into their new Model due to some technical reasons or some adaptability problems. Below are mentioned some features which need improvement as customers are feeling a bit less interested this time.

Inverse Wireless Charging
Inverse/Reverse wireless charging has become a prominent feature since its launch in Huawei and Samsung models since 2018. This feature allows you to charge other wireless charging devices e.g. smart watch or wireless earpieces while placing these on the back of your phone. It was thought that iPhone 11 would include inverse charging feature to satisfy the customers wants having air pods etc. but it seems that Apple Inc. has skipped this feature for some future model.
Quicker, Plane Screen
iPhone 11 has offered a 60Hz screen which seems a bit better but it doesn’t match with current technologically advance era demands. The design shouts out to be decent but the screen display looks outdated. Several players in telecom device industry have started offering screen with more than 90 Hz but Apple Inc. has launched a low profile screen which outdates its look. Although, a screen with higher Hz may have taken up the more battery power, but it poses a big impact on display of phone while swiping apps, opening up or closing down an app. A screen with higher Hz may have given a superior look to the device.
Notch-less Design
Apple Inc. once again miscarries here if notch less design is talked about or it can be said that it failed to hide the front camera and face recognition sensors behind the screen. I am sure that Apple Inc has a team of experts who can devise some way out for doing this but the question still stays there that why it is not being worked on for this new Model. OnePlus has already done this in a model. Google is trying to find out a solution for notch less display.
Only 4 G Supported
This seems easy to understand that Apples Inc. has ignored the latest advances on 5 G and has not included the 5 G support to its latest Model. As right now, 5 G is available in only a few cities of the world. Even those few cities don’t offer 5 G in all areas of city. So it can be justified for iPhone 11 if this feature is not provided. Also, it may have caused a significant price hike if the 5 G was added in this new Model. several countries like USA, Russia and UAE are moving towards 5 G and they are signing contracts with technology firms for provision of fastest internet, one must think that why Apple Inc. has shown reluctance for equipping its latest model phone with 5 G.

Better Battery Power Needs Extra Investment
In case you are interested in live streaming and videos, you need a better battery back up to support your dream of viewing un-interrupted streams. Apple Inc. has announced different variants of iPhone in terms of features and equipment/accessories. iPhone 11 can be got for a price of 699$ with lower battery power. You need to spend $300 more for iPhone 11 pro if you need a better power back up. Further you would be spending a total of $1499 to get a premium and added storage mobile phone. But does it seems worthwhile to spend this much extra amount for a few more add-ons?


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