How healthwire, a Pakistani startup, is helping people


There is a long list of health care startups of Pakistan that have helped people in their hard times. These startups are a blessing for many people. These startups are a soured of ease for people through which they can get very easy access to the dentist. It was formed in the year 2014, when two undergraduates Harris and Hamza were in deep thoughts regarding the people who were not able to get the service from doctors and the one of them felt a very sudden urge to go to a dentist but they were unable to get on and that is when they got the idea of this startup.

This site has been very helpful to the Pakistanis. This site gives access to more than 80 dentists which are certified by the PMDC. The patients can get their required services in just 1500 rupees. The co-founders of this startup want to add more doctors to their site. They want to help the people by adding cardiology and neurology experts as well. It is a part of their future plan for healthwire .

Problem solver for the patients:
Healthwire gives the whole information about the dentist which is nearby the patient and it also gives the option to get appointment. It has been of very great help to the patients as well as the doctors. Patients had to face some serious issues that they were not quite able to get a very expert dentist or some even had to face issues due to fraud ones. Another problem faced was that they did not know if they had any expert dentists in their neighborhood. They had to travel long distance for this purpose. Previously, the patients were not able to find the right doctors according to their need but all of these problems have been solved by healthwire.

Helpful to doctors:
The doctors did not have the option to promote their services on a higher scale. The doctors did not have any effective presence online in the previous days but by healthwire these problems have been ended because healthwire proved to be a game changer for doctors and helped the doctors a lot too. The doctors can sign up in healthwire very easily and get themselves registered. But before publishing their profile on the site, healthwire does the necessary task to confirm the dentist by the PMDC.

Healthwire is only applicable in Lahore for now but their future plans are to get themselves published in other cities of Pakistan as well and they look forward to add other doctors who may be specialists in other fields as well.


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